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Update to iOS 6

The most current version of iOS is 6.0.  

To upgrade your iOS software: 

Alternative 1
iPad - make sure that you have a wireless connection.  Go into the Settings and choose the General Tab. Look for the Software Update line in the first box on the right.  If there is an update available, it will indicate and instruct.

Alternative 2
Use the computer with which you sync your iPad.  On that computer, open iTunes (If it says that a newer version of iTunes (10.7) is available, you should choose the 'Download and Install' option.  It will probably want to restart your computer, as well.) 

After you've updated iTunes, plug your iPad in to your computer.  You'll want to backup your device, so let it sync.  The most important thing to do is to go to the File menu and choose Transfer Purchases from iPad.  This ensures that you've backed up your purchased apps.

Then, click on the device name in the left-hand column.  In the window to the right, it should indicate if there is a software update available for your device.  Choose the download and install option, and let the computer do its work.  This part could take up to half an hour.  The iPad will shut down and restart a couple of times; just let it do its thing.

It will show on the display when it's done.  There are a few screens on the iPad that you have to cycle through requiring answers to adjust your Settings.  It will tell you when you've completed the upgrade.