Mobile Devices


Using your iPad

For support information:
iPad tips - this site supplies simple instructions for most iPad questions:

- disable clicking sound on keyboard
- access alternate characters on keyboard
- change signature
- open links in a new page
- save images in Safari and Mail
- transfer images from iPad to PC
- change the lock screen and wallpaper
- manage application icons
- manage iPad with iTunes
- force-quit
- create passcode
- control iPad notifications
- save power by closing apps
- select, copy & paste

You can acquire apps from the iTunes store by using the App Store icon
on your Home Page.  You need an iTunes account for this.  Ensure your wireless is active.  
Click on the box that indicates the price - it will confirm that you want to install the app.
*If you have no access to wireless, you can download the apps from your computer and your iTunes account, then sync by connecting your device with your usb cable.

Some suggested (free) Apps for general use: 

    DropBox or file management
    iReadPDF or iBooks-for reading pdf's
    Ebook Reader, Kobo, iBooks-access ebooks
    EverNote-for syncing notes with your computer, other mobile devices
    Google mobile app-for accessing your Google apps
    Twitterific-interaction with Twitter
    Offline Pages-save web pages for offline reading (now costs $4.99)
    SkyGrid-news app
    MobileRSS Free-an RSS reader for coordinating blog subscriptions (connects to Google Reader)
    Dragon Dictation-voice recognition
    Wikipanion for iPad
    GoSkyWatch-an astronomy app that uses the iPad's location services to offer navigation of the night sky

Education Apps:
This field is expanding very quickly.  These links provide some resources that have been tested in classrooms. NOTE:  some apps have a price attached to them:

    My Apps
    EipsTech spreadsheet
    Suite 101
    iKids Blog

Other sources for information on Apps and using the iPad:

    Podcasts (available in iTunes store):
                    iPad Today
                    me, myself and iPad
                    latest in iPad
                    the iPad Podcast
                    The Padcast Podcast
                    The iPad Possibilities Podcast
                   One Minute Tips' iPad Podcast

    Twitter:  #ipad #edtech

    YouTube:  iPad for Educators: #0101 : Accessories
                    Using the iPad in the Classroom
                    Teaching With iPads (P1)
                    Teaching With iPads (P2)
                    Teaching With iPads (P3)
                    10 iPad apps for Educators