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The files below are the Procedures and Guidelines for using Social Media in Elk Island Public Schools, as well as some specific instructions for setting up Facebook and Twitter accounts.




Elk Island Public Schools (EIPS) recognizes that the use of social media by staff is a viable means to engage colleagues, students, and parents for educational purposes. The Division supports staff use of social media to interact knowledgeably and responsibly.


Social Media:
refers to a group of internet based applications that promote communication between participants. Social media includes blogs, wikis, and other interactive sites such as, but not limited to, Facebook, and Twitter.

Closed Educational Social Media:
refers to a subset of social media applications that have parameters in place to restrict access to internal users for whom it is intended through passwords and unique URL’s. 

IT equipment:
includes all Division-owned technology devices (servers, computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, wireless network, printers, monitors, software and hardware).

Terms of Reference:
refers to the requirements of use as outlined by the specific social media application.

refers to all students, employees, contractors, and volunteers using the Division Network and IT equipment.


  1. Users shall not disclose confidential or personal information as defined by the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy(FOIP) Act without first obtaining written consent from the parent/guardian, or the student if age 18 or over. The posting of full names, addresses, pictures, videos, and audio recordings that allow the identification of individuals must have signed consent as perAdministrative Procedure 180, Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy.
  2. Staff using social media shall comply with copyright laws.
  3. Users shall use their personal (non-EIPS) email account when accessing/creating a personal social media account.
  4. Prior to a school/department using social media, the Principal/Director shall:
    1. Inform Instructional Services, who will evaluate social media applications for curricular ties
    2. Inform Technology Services, who will evaluate social media applications for possible security concerns
    3. Upon approval by both departments, the social media application may be used in accordance with EIPS Social Media Guidelines. (hotlink)
  5. On an ongoing basis, Instructional Services will provide training and guidelines on the effective and safe use of social media, as per EIPS Social Media Guidelines. (hotlink)
  6. On an ongoing basis, Technology Services will monitor and assess risk posed by social media applications and the potential effect on EIPS IT equipment and data systems. Users will be informed when a social media site is disabled due to risk or threat to the system.
  7. The use of EIPS logos on social media sites shall be pre-approved by Communication Services.

    Creation of Account
  8. The Principal/Director shall approve staff requests to use social media for educational and/or business purposes.
  9. The Principal/Director shall inform Instructional Services of all active EIPS social media accounts:
    1. Instructional Services shall maintain a list of all active EIPS social media accounts
    2. Closed social media sites do not require account approval
    3. Closed educational social media shall be reported upon the first use in the school/department only.
  10. The Principal/Director shall, in addition to the originator, have administrative privileges for EIPS social media accounts.

    Standards for Students/Staff
  11. Staff and students shall set their privacy settings to the highest level of security.
  12. Students under the age of 14 years are not permitted to use social media within EIPS. Closed educational social media is allowed under supervision and if permitted within the Terms of Reference of the specific application.
  13. Users participating in social media activities shall adhere to the Terms of Reference for use of the specific social media application.
  14. Social media applications are public. Posts leave a digital footprint which cannot be erased. Users shall only post information that can be shared with friends, family, teachers, and future employers.
  15. Students shall follow all school rules and of behavioural expectations/student code of conduct when using social media in accordance with the Student Responsible Technology Use Agreement.
  16. Staff shall follow the rules and expectations outlined in Administrative Procedure 405, Employee Conduct.
  17. Inappropriate content shall be removed and reported to a teacher or supervisor immediately.
  18. Users shall log out of social media applications when not in active use to conserve resources and bandwidth.
  19. Student use of personal social media accounts during class time shall be pre-approved by the teacher.
  20. Staff use of personal social media is not permitted during work time.
  21. Reasonable use of personal social media is permitted during break times.
  22. Staff are not authorized to use social media to represent a school, department, or the Division without written permission of their Principal/Director.

    Standards for School Use
  23. The purpose of social media use in the classroom shall be communicated with students and parents.
  24. The Principal/Director shall determine the intended use of social media, which may include:
    1. Promotion of school/student success
    2. Homework assignments and reminders
    3. Information to students (e.g. time and place of extracurricular activities)
    4. Sharing and feedback that relates to specific topics, lessons, or projects
    5. Discussion forum
    6. Engaging parents.
  25. Options shall be provided for students who decline the use of social media.
  26. Schools shall teach and promote digital citizenship through the use of EIPS Social Media Guidelines. (hotlink)
  27. Educators shall stay current with safety and privacy settings on social media used in their classrooms.


EIPS Policy 19 - Respectful Working and Learning Environments
Administrative Procedure 405, Employee Conduct
Administrative Procedure 490, Respectful Working and Learning Environments
Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act

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